Talking about decentralization and privacy, you don’t need to rely on Google Play anymore.

Our repo brings popular privacy-focused Android apps to your F-Droid!

Starting small for now, we’ll include more apps further down the road. New updates will be coming either montly or when we see new app release.

We’re open to requests for new apps that you would like to see in the Particl.page Repo. Request new apps by contacting us.

How to add repo to F-Droid

  1. Install and open F-Droid
  2. Copy the repo’s address and fingerprint: https://repo.particl.page/repo?fingerprint=EB036232F3E924F5190DFB9884ADF8E90E9A5C8E720B4E216EAEE31475651C98
  3. Navigate to Settings
  4. Under My Apps, select Repositories
  5. Click on the + button in the upper right corner – if you’ve copied the address and fingerprint before, everything should be prefilled
  6. Confirm with OK
  7. Go back to Latest or Categories tab, swipe down to refresh repos
  8. Install your brand new apps & profit!

Repo donations are accepted at PY1mCNhoGX3Pce8WeBzYz929KEfHpshSep (PART)

Included Apps