About Pool

Particl Staking pool with low fees and fair reward distribution

We’re operating our community staking pool at pool.particl.page since 2018.

Commited to no-BS approach, pool fees are set at 2.5% to cover the hosting costs.

Staking rewards are fairly split between all stakers based on amount of their staking coins (so no extra rewards for stakers who actually find a block).

Pool Address


Staking on a Pool

Pool setup

  • Pool address: pcs1vzuadmp42slqapdm8eevm6g8ntm3hlvgptmyjy
  • Pool fee: 2.5%
  • Payout frequency: every 1000 blocks (on blocks ending in ..222)
  • Min output value: 0.1 (you’ll get larger payouts, but less often - helps to save on fees when spending your coins afterwards)
  • Minimum staking amount: none
  • Pool reward address: PiN5Yf2sq39ukgUxjDrEfNy2uf2sGLuoFV

Check current pool setup here

Pool donations are accepted at PkGHQwoKeEYmFHuo1itcNoC6hTWU4oqccV