Huh, this again?

As you probably saw or experienced, back in August this year, our Pool had a clinical death. We managed to get it back up and all was nice.

As also mentioned, we were planning a switch to a different VPS provider – at the beginning of December – and that raised more questions. Where to go? We need a beefier server. Host it ourselves? Maybe.

So we’ve been having these internal discussions on how to proceed. And finally landed not great, not terrible solution.

A lot has changed in these last almost 4 years. No point in hiding it, it’s quite obvious looking at Particl Page lately – we’ve moved on.

That’s not to be confused with “we’re done with Particl”, nah. We’re still supporters of the project and wish it the ecommerce moon it deserves.

It’s our time that’s been invested elsewhere. And as it happens, maintaining the servers, Pool, Stats page (that’s been broken since February, which is shameful) etc. takes quite lot of it. We spread ourselves too wide, too thin.

For our Pool users

⚠️ Pool will shutdown around December 7, 2022

Check the guide on the previous post how to switch to a different pool.

Based on the current usage, we recommend these pools to keep the staking weight distributed evenly:

Pool nameStaking weightFees
Crymel~110,000 PART2.5 %
Coldstaking Pool~370,000 PART2.5 %,000 PART1 %

..or even better – stake on your own hardware!

Reading this too late? Don’t worry, you won’t lose your coins anyway (again, we touched that in the previous post).

Final words

We had so much fun and satisfaction working on these projects. The Particl community is amazing and we’re so glad to be part of it.

Yes, we might stop actively contributing, but we’re not going anywhere!

(At least soon™ ;)