Set-up pool staking

  1. open Particl Core
  2. Window > Staking Setup
  3. paste Pool’s address into Cold staking change address field and click Apply

For staking on our Pool, you would simply enter pcs1vzuadmp42slqapdm8eevm6g8ntm3hlvgptmyjy

Almost stupidly simple, right? And that’s the point.

What happens next?

With this setup, each time bunch of your coins stake, they will get “moved” to the Pool. This is the best way to transition to staking on a Pool.

This is, however, not ideal when you have little amounts of coins, as it would take ages for them to stake by themselves. For these cases, there’s “zapping”.

Zapping coins for instant cold-staking

Instant zapping isn’t available for Particl Core yet, but there’s a workaround.

  1. Enable Coin Control
    1. Settings > Options…
    2. in Wallet tab, check “Enable coin control features”
    3. confirm by clicking OK
  2. Generate new Receiving address and copy it
    1. Receive > click Request payment
    2. copy generated address
  3. Send some small amount to your newly generated address using all available inputs
    1. Send > under Coin Control Features click on Inputs...
    2. check all available inputs (you can click the (un)select all button) and confirm with OK
    3. copy your new address to Pay to field
    4. set transaction Amount to some small value (like 0.01 PART)
    5. click Send

This will send all but those 0.01 PART to staking pool. Once the sent coins mature for staking (about 8 hours), they will start staking automatically on the Pool.