Overview of cold-staking Pools

When choosing a Pool

..please note, that in order to keep Particl network properly decentralized, you should distribute the coins across pools evenly. This means that no pool should have majority of coins in it.

When considering joining a pool, please check pool’s “Total pooled coins” value and ideally choose the one with the least coins. This is not absolutely necessary, but you will help to keep the network secure.

Pools overview

Pool Fee Bonus Maintainer
Tecnovert’s Pool 3% 5% Tecnovert
Particl.page Pool 2.5% 0% Particl.page
CryptoAcademie 5% 3% PART_BEN


  • Fee: Pool fee. Reward taken out from each block found for pool owner.
  • Bonus: Bonus (in %) awarded to the owner of address that finds a block (taken out of block reward).
  • Maintainer: whoever takes care of the pool.

Updated Dec 16, 2018

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