Check your Pool staking stats

We’ve recently launched pool staking statistics for individual addresses on our Pool. To check your stats, you’ll need to know your pool staking address.

Checking pool staking address

After you join a staking pool, all you need to do is to wait for it to find at least one block. Your wallet will show a new “Staked” transaction (with 0 value). Copy address in this transaction and enter it on the homepage of our Pool to check it’s stats.

On Particl Desktop

Checking pool staking address on Particl Desktop

On Particl Core (Qt)

Checking pool staking address on Particl Core (Qt)

In both cases, pool staking address in this particular wallet is 2wN2i3wP1D8YagrwazD4mRL3LiQVMfK6BMm6GhZh8t6mLwotHPN

Checking staking stats on Pool

Now that we know our staking address, we can paste it to Pool:

Paste your staking address to check stats
Staking stats for chosen address

Tip: You can bookmark your staking stats page for easy access in the future

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